Membership card grants holders free access to the complex without having to stand in line for entry tickets. Card holders are also entitled to endless fun in Asia Park without restricted access within the term of use of their registered cards.


Since Janaury 1, 2019, Asia Park is to release new product “Membership Card” that involves incredible incentives: just VND500,000/year for one year of experiences non-stop at Sun World Danang Wonders for all visitors.


In addition to most exciting and some of the world’s most hair raising games such as Golden Sky Tower, Singapore Sling, Sky Treasure Love Locks or The Flying Kirins… On January 1, 2019, Sun World Danang Wonders even introduced a super hot game called Highway Boat, aimed to plunge all visitors in mind blowing sensations this New Year. Alongside reenactments of iconic architectural hallmarks of 10 Asian countries and a chain of ubiquitous catering restaurants, new attractive programs and product offers such as Membership card of Sun World danang Wonders are our latest answer to visitors’ rising demands for most fabulous and exuberant recreation and entertainment.

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