On National Day 2/9: Go to Da Nang to see the international dragon – lion dance festival, meet “Mr. Bo” Dan Truong, Isaac, Jack & K-ICM

Danang International Dragon – Lion Dance Festival 2019 will take place from August 30 – September 2, 2019 in Sun World Danang Wonders Park. This will be the largest dragon – lion dance festival ever in Vietnam, with the participation of 30 famous dragon – lion dance groups from many countries, including 6 groups from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and 24 groups from all over Vietnam.

The festival promises to bring to the audience a lot of attractive competitions because there are “extremely famous names” at this competition such as Kuantan Builders Lion And Dragon Dance Club (Malaysia) – who won the First Prize in World Lion Dance Competition on Meihuaquan held in Thailand 2019, Shenzhen yanluo Bilintang Dragon & Lion dance Group (China) – who won the First prize in Lion Dance Competition on Meihuaquan and Third prize in Lion Dance Competition on the ground at International Dragon – Lion Dance Competition in Indonesia 2019 and Tinh Anh Duong Group (China) – who won the First prize in two consecutive years at Singapore International Lion Dance Competition on Meihuaquan, Hao Dung Duong group (Vietnam) – who won the First Prize at Taiwan International Dragon – Lion Dance Competition 2019 on Meihuaquan, Second Prize at Thailand International Dragon – Lion Dance Competition 2019 on Meihuaquan…

In addition to the familiar performances of the competition, the special highlight of Danang International Dragon – Lion Dance Festival 2019 is the performance “on Meihuaquan in the water” that was first performed in Vietnam. The lion dance groups participating in this category will perform on a monumental water stage with a series of meihuaquan including 21 iron piles with height of 1.2m to 3m, length of 14m elaborately arranged on the Western side of Han River within the campus of Sun World Danang Wonders. Performance on Meihuaquan is always considered as the top art, the athletes need to have toughness, extreme precision in each movement and spirit of courage. In this year’s festival, the performance on Meihuaquan is not only a challenge for all groups, but also promises to give the audience the artistic and classy performances on the most distinctive water stage ever.
Attending the most magnificent dragon lion dance “party” in Vietnam at Sun World Danang Wonders, the visitors not only witness the professional skills of athletes in the unique folk art, but also enjoy the special art performances of international “kid” artists.
Being unique and full of drama is the performance of two Chinese 11-year-old brothers who have reached the record of the world’s 2 smallest athletes performing on meihuaquan and won the first prize in the 2017 Mekong Cup in China. Meanwhile, the performance of the Bao Cuong kung fu group which used to make the Board of Examiners as well as audiences nearly got drowned at the semi-final of Asia’s Got Talent… will definitely bring the audience from one surprise to another.

The most sublimate and surprising content of the Danang International Dragon-Lion Dance Festival 2019 is the Gala Night held in the evening of September 2. The audiences will not only enjoy the best lion dance performances in the contest, contemplate the beautiful “firebending”, but also are treated to a grand musical party, with the appearance of “Mr. Bo” Dan Truong, singer Isaac, two boys of “million view” songs Jack and K-ICM … Exciting music blended with “light dance” of Lazer show in the glass cage will bring a fanciful, enchanting and exciting space to the viewers.

Even more interesting, during the Festival, from August 30 to September 2, World Danang Wonders will offer a parity of VND 50,000/ticket for all students in all over the country and Danang inhabitants who come for fun and attend the festival.

With such tickets, tourists and local inhabitants can attend the biggest International Dragon – Lion Dance Festival 2019 in Vietnam, enjoy a wonderful holiday in the cool green campus with many top modern games or savour the world of rich cuisine at the most unique cultural and entertaining park in the Central Vietnam.

Danang International Dragon – Lion Dance Festival 2019 is not only a cultural and sports activity contributing to maintaining, preserving and developing the traditional dragon – lion dance, but also a unique gift that Sun World Danang Wonders dedicates to the local inhabitants and visitors to the park during the National Day September 2 this year.



For the inhabitants of Quang Nam and Hue provinces, the ticket fare applicable during the festival (August 30 – September 2) is VND 100,000/ticket.

In addition, Sun World Danang Wonders also applies the combo of ticket and buffet of VND 285,000/adult, VND 185,000/kid with height from 1m-1m4.

It is free for kids under 1m.

For details, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyrsR9GujxM

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