ASIA PARK LAUNCHES “The Haunted House” ON HALLOWEEN 30/10/2022

With the humane message “To avoid any possible mistakes, it is essential to obey the law and have a sense of safety when participating in traffic”, Asia Park offers visitors an exciting challenge to discover each person’s courage and self-limitation – “The Haunted House”


From October 30th, 2022, visitors will experience the feeling of discovering a creepy haunted house: entering mysterious dark rooms, seeing unique models, and “scary” images, and hearing the scary sound of screams or chains colliding…

In addition, this is also an opportunity to test courage and satisfy curiosity and a lot of emotional frames. A unique feature of the Ghost House at Asia Park is the form of a horror house and the way of integrating humanistic and educational content into each room.





– Operating time: 15h00 – 22h00

– Height regulations: Children under 1.4m are not allowed to participate in the game

– Rules of participation: Please strictly follow the instructions of the staff in charge when participating in the game

In the following cases, you are not allowed to participate in the game:

Have symptoms of heart disease, abnormal blood pressure
Pregnant women
Being in a state of intoxication or using other stimulants
Do not bring food, drinks, weapons, and explosives into the game area
No jostling
Self-preservation of personal belongings when participating in the game

An experience with all kinds of emotions, a journey to discover your courage, are you ready to visit the Haunted House at Asia Park?

Don’t hestitate to discover “The Haunted House” in Asia Park!

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