VND50,000 – the fare takes you in the amazing and fun world of witches at the Sun World Danang Wonders

Between October 27 and 31, 2018, Sun World Danang Wonders is to be draped in the tantalizing veil of myths and dreadful legends in the Halloween season. “The Spooked Festival” at Sun World Danang Wonders complex will set visitors on course tot the spooked venture of roaming ghosts and goblins.

There are to be lots of hair raising events lasting between October 25 and 31 so that the Halloween is indeed a non-stop festival. From 6pm to 9pm, visitors to the complex are to be treated to wild zombie dances, dreadful witches with their gory bruised faces prancing around in horrible corpse tunes that add bleakness and terror to the Halloween.

Particularly, entry fare of just VND50,000 will earn you a All-in-One ticket that allow for all games at the Sun World Danang Wonders.

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